Welcome to Cabaret!

            Please support us until July 28!

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it's 2:48am.

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3min 19secs :)

Together with the stellar Artistic Team of Tara Brodin (Director), Sivan Perlstein (Choreographer) and David Bircher (Music Director), we’ve been dancing, singing, creating and playing games that are not meant for the public. All in preparation of being able to take you on a marvellous journey full of heat, hope, sex (hold your horses, you’re the audience), laughter, maybe a couple of tears...no doubt, you’re gonna be able to sit back, relax and leave your troubles outside (I'm writing this with a French accent).


But - we're running out of time! So, thank you for your support HERE today. With just CHF 15.- you can make sure that we won't be running around naked on stage, and that we can keep our hot band!


Merci beaucoup and adieu! And see you at one of our Shows (October 16-22, 2022) at the wonderful Millers in Zürich!